Guidelines for Admissions

We are so thrilled that you are considering sending your child to Saint Mary School! We want to make sure that our school is the best place for your family. We know this is an important decision and are here to help you in the process. Applications for new students are accepted year-round, with the exception of 8th grade. Eighth grade applications are accepted throughout the first trimester of the school year only. The admissions process is as follows:

1.  Completion of a school application with the following documentation:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Baptism Certificate

  • First Communion Certificate (if applicable)

  • Immunization/Vaccination Records

  • Copy of latest Standardized Test results

  • Copy of report cards for the last two years

  • Letter of Recommendation for Grades 3 and up from the principal or teacher of school currently attending

2.  Payment of the $20 Application Fee

3.  Entrance/Readiness Evaluation is taken by all students

4.  An acceptance/waiting list/non-acceptance letter is sent to the families of all students who complete the process.

Below are guidelines for enrollment:

  • The required age for kindergarten students is five (5) years of age on or before September 1

  • The required age for first grade students is six (6) years of age on or before September 1

  • All students must comply with current California immunization and health requirements prior to enrollment

  • The school will strive to make a Catholic education accessible to as many students as possible but priority is given to students with siblings already enrolled in the school

Click here to download the new student application.