Red Ribbon Week

In 1988,  The National Family Partnership sponsored the first National Red Ribbon Celebration. Today, the Red Ribbon serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities. Since that time, the campaign has reached millions of U.S. children and families. The National Family Partnership (NFP) and its network of individuals and organizations continue to deliver his message of hope to millions of people every year, through the National Red Ribbon Campaign™.  Visit the NFP websiteto learn more. Saint Mary School is proud to join the Red Ribbon Campaign between October 23-31, 2023. We hope our students participate and that parents/guardians take this opportunity to discuss what being drug-free is all about.  This year's theme is:

Monday [10/23/23] - Your future is key, so stay drug-free - SMS Angels pledge to be drug-free! Today, we will wear red and show how we will stay drug-free.

Tuesday [10/24/23] - Drugs are a fashion disaster - Forget the latest trends – today is Mix and Match Day.

Wednesday [10/25/23] -Team Up Against Drugs - Wear your favorite team jersey or shirt to show that as a team we can overcome anything!

Thursday [10/26/23] - Let’s Make a Drug-Free World! The world is such a beautiful place. Today, we celebrate our families by wearing clothes that represent our family’s culture.

Friday [10/27/23] - Angels United Overcome All Things - As a school, we celebrate our talents and dreams. Students will participate in a school pep rally.

Monday [10/30/23] - I am too BRIGHT for DRUGS!
Each class will show how bright they are by wearing a shirt in the designated color.
TK- Red
K- Yellow
1- Black
2- Red
3- Purple
4- Blue
5- Green
6- Purple
8- Black

Tuesday [10/31/23] - Say Boo to drugs!
Be prepared to share your spooky, funny, or pretty costume. Dress up in your Halloween costume and be prepared for a day of fun!

*If students wish not to participate in any of the day’s activities, they will need to wear their school uniform.*