Catholic Schools Week

In honor of Catholic Schools Week, we've designated distinct themes for each day of the upcoming week. Here's the schedule:

Monday, 1/29/24: Celebrate COMMUNITY
Dress: Channel your inner community leader – come dressed as your favorite one!
Activity: Dive into a fun obstacle course that promotes teamwork and camaraderie.
Gesture: Craft heartfelt cards or letters for our community heroes, including the priest, mayor, firefighters, police officers, doctors, and nurses.

Tuesday, 1/30/24: Celebrate STUDENTS
Dress: Embrace the spirit of togetherness with Twin/Triplet Day.
Activity: Enjoy an extra recess/movie at 1 PM.
Challenge: Engage in friendly competition with relay races throughout the day.

Wednesday, 1/31/24: Celebrate the NATION
 Show your patriotic side by wearing Red, White, and Blue.
Activity: Immerse yourself in a burst of joy with bubbles, poppers, streamers, and patriotic pictures.

Thursday, 2/1/24: Celebrate VOCATIONS
 Explore various callings – don the attire of priests, nuns, or saints
Activity: Engage in the thrill of Capture the Flag and test your knowledge with Bible Trivia.

Friday, 2/2/24: Celebrate ST. MARY'S STAFF
Formal (Mass).
Appreciation: Take a moment to express gratitude and celebrate the dedicated staff at St. Mary's.
Activity: Pep rally

We hope your child takes part in the activities. May this week be filled with joy, unity, and a celebration of the values that make our Catholic school community special.