100 days!

Have you met our Kindergarten heroes?  In the Kinder classroom,  there is a Super Hero named "Zero the Hero" who leaves our kindergarteners packages with math activities every time they count 10 days of school.  This helps students learn to count by ones and tens. Each day students chart what day of school it is and on the 100th day of school, there is a special celebration. This year, Zero the Hero brought our kinder students masks & superhero capes to join his superhero team of Mathematicians.  Students counted to 100 in many different ways - using stickers, snacks, and even while exercising during P.E.  Our little heroes made a gumball machine craft with 100 gumballs and also colored 100 items. Students also completed a family project where they had to look for 100 things they could put on a poster and then presented their projects to the class.  Finally, students celebrated their achievements with a little party. What an exciting day! There is so much learning happening each day at Saint Mary's.